Aug 16

Haughwout Building in SoHo, Manhattan


I created the model of this historical NY building by J.P. Gaynor while back for a project that got stranded and never developed. It’s a nice building and it seemed a shame to waste the model. So, I used few days during vacation to construct the rest of the scene and produce this image.
Max+Vray+pinch of PS.

Dec 15

A penthouse design



Few images from a penthouse project I worked on some time ago. Living and dining areas depicted here.

Aug 15

Bretagne Revisited


Image is inspired with traditional architecture of Bretagne, France. Not that I have been there… I just like that rustic, ancient look. It’s actually a follow-up to a scene I worked on few years back.
Not an actual project but a sort of exercise I conducted during my summer vacation.
A standard rendering job – max+vray, with just some ps touch-ups.

Feb 13

About today…

About-Today 2

Just a little something I made in a few days I had between projects. Inspired by a song I’ve been listening to a lot lately.

Nothing else to add, really… As usual, 3dsMax+Vray 2+some Ps and thats about it.


Feb 12

A Bretagne Motif


This was a model I made when I was newbie with Max and CG. It is very rough, poor in details and polygons but I like it because it has some rustic charm. Therefore I decided to give it new look – different, country-like scenery and saturated, autumn lighting.

I have added two versions to this post: the original and a dusty old retouch blended in post-production.

Feb 12

Standard beige living room


This image was created as a result of experiment with cloth, garment and soft object modifiers which I haven’t used very often before. First of all, I have to state that this interior is not entirely my design. I didn’t  intend to be very creative here since I wanted to focus on garments, that’s why I partially took over a layout from a photo i googled, altered it and added various details so that it doesn’t look like a foul copy. Hope it’s OK since this really wasn’t a commercial work.

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Sep 16

Borough Leather Chair

A detailed and precise high-poly study of contemporary Borough leather chair.



Aug 16

Bullitt Clock-Mid Century Classic


A study of a mid-century era classic, Bullitt alarm/mantel clock.




Aug 16

Banker’s Lamp (Emeralite)

A study of iconic Banker’s lamp.




Dec 15

Happy Holidays


Aug 13

Office panel extenders presentation

Several images from a set of renders made for OBEX Office Panel Extenders company.

Aug 13

A cellar

 cellar 2
So, because of that disclaimer thingy I found myself unable to add most of my recent work to my portfolio. That’s main reason why I created this little doodle. Most of the elements I had already created or bought before – basically, I had to model just the bed, the walls and ceiling, few props… Therefore, it took just a half of day or so to create this image.

Jul 13

A bathroom design

It is a quite small bathroom with the oval window as one characteristic element. The design was meant to be slick and simple, as much as possible.The colors are few, adding an almost sepia look to the images


Apr 13

Some more video game arts…


Same collaboration, different project…

Sep 12



This sketch is inspired with motifs from Adriatic coast region. I wanted to reproduce the atmosphere typical for hidden Mediterranean alleys and yards. 3DS Max+Vray+PS.

Aug 12

Suburban lofthome concepts

May 12

Video games arts and concepts

Unlike a typical archiviz projects the main idea here was to create illustrative and toonish effect via colorful lights, object distortions and deliberate perspective errors.

This is a sort of basic art design for some basic adventure game developed by Mad Head Games.